Rudely Interrupted – Melbourne indie band

Photo credit: Ian Woolverton

The Rudies rock UN photo essay by Ian Woolverton
Rudely Interrupted photo essay by Ian Woolverton
The Great Leap Forward Tour photo essay by Ian Woolverton

Rudely Interrupted – Melbourne indie band

Since 2007 I've worked to promote and manage Melbourne indie band Rudely Interrupted whose musicians share a range of intellectual and physical disabilities (blindness, deafness, aspergers and Down's Syndrome).

In December 2008 I arranged for the band to play at the United Nations in New York to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Gigs followed in New York City, Brooklyn, Toronto, London, Bristol and Manchester.

Rudely Interrupted received international media attention including The London Times, CNN Worldwide, All Things Considered on US National Public Radio, Marie Claire, 7.30 Report, Vice Magazine, MTV News, Fox News and TimeOut New York.

Before the tour I managed a corporate and public fundraising drive in Australia to cover costs.

My work continues with the band as they prepare to tour Australia to promote their debut album 'Tragedy of the Commons' and film 'We didn't mean to be rude'. The feature length documentary follows the band from the pubs and clubs of Melbourne to the UN and beyond.