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Robert McKechnie

To meet your need for stunning images I've teamed up with former Oxfam and Marie Stopes photojournalist Robert McKechnie. Robert has years of experience documenting the lives of people in developing countries and Australia.

On a recent visit to Cambodia he was commissioned by Marie Stopes to highlight the appalling number of women who die from pregnancy and childbirth-related complications.

Other Marie Stopes assignments include documenting the agency's work to improve the sexual health of women in Mexico. For Oxfam, Robert profiled Oxfam Challenge in India – a gruelling 14-day bicycle tour around the state of Rajasthan.

When Robert, a studio-trained photographer, is not working for Marie Stopes or Oxfam he works as a freelance photojournalist for Melbourne-based newspapers and pursues his love of sports photography.

Ian Woolverton

My photography career started when I documented the work of Red Cross Red Crescent in the 2002 Bali bomb blasts.  Since then I've worked as a Red Cross Red Crescent photographer/writer in Aceh following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and Pakistan after the devastating earthquake in 2005. A recent photo essay profiles the work of Mumbai-based charity Apnalaya whose mission is to improve the lives and wellbeing of Muslim slum dwellers.

I'm particularly interested in portraying people whose voice is often marginalised. Since 2007 I've photographed the meteoric rise of indie band Rudely Interrupted whose musicians share a range of intellectual and physical disabilities.

My photographs have been published around the world in newspapers including The Guardian and The London Times.

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