Media Training


Photo credit: Ian Woolverton


With the right amount of key message preparation and a thorough understanding of what a journalist needs the media interview need not be a daunting experience.

I’ll take you through a training program aimed to equip you with the skills and experience to effectively deal with questions from the media.  Together we’ll conduct mock TV, radio and press interviews, and you will learn techniques to help you control the interview and ensure you don’t say anything you might later regret.

The training I offer is focused primarily on not-for-profits whose spokespeople may be called upon by the media to plainly and simply communicate an advocacy position or campaign message, or even defend itself from unfair media scrutiny.

Training is based on techniques I have used for 7 years to prepare aid workers, senior managers and CEOs to handle frequently hostile questions from media. I draw on my own experiences working with the media to deliver engaging, lively and interactive workshops.

My rates reflect your need to keep costs down while receiving first class media training.